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Revisiting: Europa Nostra Germany's Governing Bodies Meeting 

The consultations and meetings of Europa Nostra's governing bodies from 21 to 23 March in Potsdam were extremely intensive and successful.

The more than 30 participants were warmly welcomed by the President of the Brandenburg State Parliament, Prof Dr Ulrike Liedtke, the Lord Mayor of the state capital of Potsdam, Mike Schubert, as well as by the Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation Berlin-Brandenburg and the cultural heritage associations in Potsdam.

Europa Nostra Germany held its general meeting and elected a new board. Dr Uwe Koch was confirmed as President of Europa Nostra Germany.

"If Europa Nostra hadn't already existed for over 60 years, it would urgently need to be invented today. Cultural heritage is like a textbook and textbook of European history. It brings people and civic organisations from different countries together and connects them in the preservation and communication of tangible and intangible heritage,"
 -  Dr Uwe Koch, President of Europa Nostra Germany.


For the press release, access the link below: 

Mayor of Potsdam Welcomes Europa Nostra to Its New Home

The Mayor of Potsdam extends a warm welcome to Europa Nostra, highlighting the immense honour it brings to our city. Potsdam's rich history and cultural significance make it the perfect backdrop for Europa Nostra's endeavours.

As the Mayor eloquently puts it, "Potsdam is Europe, and without Europe, Potsdam would not be nearly as liveable and lovable." From its iconic landmarks to its vibrant cultural scene, Potsdam embodies the essence of European heritage. Despite the challenges of the past, the Mayor emphasizes the importance of preserving Europe's cultural legacy for future generations. Together with Europa Nostra, we are committed to protecting and promoting our shared heritage.

Access the full welcome note by the Mayor of Potsdam through the below link:


President of Brandenburg State Parliament Addresses Urgency of Cultural Preservation at Europa Nostra Forum

Amidst the chaos of military conflicts and humanitarian crises, the President's speech underscored the need for concerted action to protect cultural heritage. The convening of the 1st Forum of the Emergency Alliance for Culture reflects a collective commitment to emergency preparedness and aid in the cultural sector, ensuring that our shared heritage remains resilient in times of crisis. Drawing parallels between past and present challenges, the President echoed Europa Nostra's call for a renewed focus on the potential of shared culture in the European project. From the historic influences of Lusatia to the pioneering efforts in climate protection in Brandenburg, the intertwining of cultural heritage and environmental sustainability emerges as a guiding principle for future endeavours. Access the full speech from the link below: 

Cultural heritage in Potsdam connects and unites cultural heritage from all over Europe


"If Europa Nostra hadn't already existed for over 60 years, it would have to be invented urgently today. Cultural heritage is like a textbook and textbook of European history. It brings together people and civic organisations from different countries and connects them in the preservation and communication of tangible and intangible heritage.

The consultations and meetings of Europa Nostra's governing bodies from 21 to 23 March in Potsdam were extremely intensive and successful. More than 30 participants were warmly welcomed by the President of the Brandenburg State Parliament, the Lord Mayor of the state capital Potsdam, the Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation Berlin-Brandenburg and the cultural heritage organisations in Potsdam. Europa Nostra Germany held its general meeting and elected a new board.

Europa Nostra Germany's First International Meeting to be held on March 21-23, 2024

Europa Nostra Germany is holding its first international meeting in the World Heritage City of Potsdam from 21 to 23 March. The programme includes the board meeting of Europa Nostra, chaired by Executive President Prof. Dr Hermann Parzinger; the meeting of the jury of the European Heritage Awards/Europa Nostra Awards to select the 2024 winners of Europe's highest cultural heritage prize; and visits to iconic cultural monuments in Potsdam.

The President of the Brandenburg State Parliament, Prof. Dr Ulrike Liedtke, and the Mayor of Potsdam, Mike Schubert, will welcome representatives from all over Europe as well as regional and local stakeholders to the State Parliament on 22 March. Click on the link to access the press release.

Exciting News: Europa Nostra Germany 
Opens New Office in Potsdam

Dear Friends and Supporters of Europa Nostra Germany,

We are thrilled to share some fantastic news with you at the dawn of this promising year! Europa Nostra Germany is delighted to announce the grand opening of our new office, nestled in the heart of Potsdam. This momentous occasion comes to life through a collaborative agreement with the esteemed Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation Berlin-Brandenburg, allowing us to establish a vibrant hub for cultural heritage preservation.

New Address: Geschäftsstelle Allee nach Sanssouci 6, D14469-Potsdam 

This strategic location embodies the rich tapestry of history and culture that Europa Nostra holds dear. The former Civil Cabinet House, now our esteemed home, resonates with the echoes of the past, providing an inspiring backdrop for our collective efforts in safeguarding and celebrating our shared cultural heritage.

For an in-depth look at this exciting development, we invite you to explore the official press release accessible through the following link: 

Celebrating Alexander Fürst zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn's 80th birthday

As a passionate supporter of monument protection, Prince zu Sayn-Wittgenstein has made conserving and communicating cultural heritage his life's work. Television report, Südwestrundfunk rightly called him “Europe's leading keeper of castles” because, in addition to his voluntary work in Germany, he has been Vice President of Europa Nostra since the 1990s until today. 


Because of his perseverance, the Association for Castles and Gardens in Germany e.V. saw the light of day, for the first time, constructive cooperation between state castle administrations and the numerous owners of private castles and historical gardens was achieved. 


Europa Nostra Deutschland is thankful for his immense contribution to the conservation in the cultural heritage sector and congratulates him on his 80th birthday, wishing him the best wishes for his future.

We welcome a new team member Carlo Paulus to our office in Potsdam

We are delighted to have a new addition to our team. We welcome Carlo Paulus to manage our new office in Potsdam. 

World Heritage Association Meeting 2023
at Boppard, Germany , 25-26 October 2023

Dr Uwe Koch, managing director of Europa Nostra Deutschland, was invited to speak on the topic of benefits of collaboration for European networks and best practices for funding opportunities, to name a few, at the World Heritage Associations meeting in Boppard, Germany, on 25-26th October 2023. 

European Cultural Heritage Summit 2023
Venice , 27-30 September

The European Cultural Heritage Summit 2023 was organised by Europa Nostra and co-funded by the European Union. Coinciding with Europa Nostra’s 60th Anniversary, the 2023 Summit took place between 27 and 30 September in the unique but endangered World Heritage City of Venice. The choice of Venice had a highly symbolic value. The European history and significance of this historic city, combined with its breathtaking yet fragile beauty, has always been at the very heart of the mission of Europa Nostra.

The 60th anniversary represented the perfect occasion to celebrate the significant contribution of the organisation to a value-based and culture-driven Europe, focusing on preserving cultural and natural heritage in Europe and beyond. It also reaffirmed the organisation's unwavering commitment to champion the vital role of heritage in tackling many challenges that our society and environment are facing today.


For more details of the event, access the link below - 

The State Castles and Gardens of Hesse is joining Europa Nostra

The State Castles and Gardens of Hesse (Die Staatlichen Schlösser und Gärten Hessen), a subordinate authority of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and the Arts, providing service for 48 properties throughout the state of Hesse, will join the European cultural network Europa Nostra, a federation of European non-governmental organisations in the field of monument protection and cultural heritage, on October 1, 2023. 


For further information, please access the press release

Kulturzug from Berlin to Weglienic and Cottbus


What is connecting us? Regions make Europe!
That was the motto of a special tour of the Kulturzug from Berlin  to Weglienic and Cottbus.  Minister of Culture of state of Brandenburg, the head of CULT Sabine Verheyen and Europa Nostra Executiv President Hermann Parzinger,  Vicepresident Petr Svoboda and other representatives of cultural and civilsociety institutions discussed about the potentials of the crossborder region Lusatia to become a dynamic European cultural region. The tour was initiated by Europa Nostra Germany and its President Uwe Koch.


Europa Nostra  Germany and Denmark's Meeting at Potsdam 


Europa Nostra Germany met Ettie Castenskiold, the President of Europa Nostra Denmark in Potsdam for talks about cross border and civil society engagement for cultural heritage in Europe. During talks with the management of the foundation for palaces and gardens SPSG , the association Potsdamer Kulturerben and friends from Poland, the topic about future challenges and chances of cross border and thematical cooperation of different partners and regions was discussed.


Europa Nostra Heritage Forum and Council Meeting 2023 

Europa Nostra Heritage Forum and Council Meeting 2023 was held in Belgrade. 

It marked the start of the European Heritage Hub Project, which was one of the most important themes of discussion. 

Europa Nostra Serbia presented their work to save Serbian Heritage sites.


Europa Nostra Vice-President's Meeting at Bautzen

Continuing the thinking about future activities in the context of our trilateral cooperation, a meeting between the vice-presidents of Europa Nostra (EN), Jacek Purchla from Krakow, Petr Svoboda from Prague, and the President of EN Germany was held in Bautzen. In the Schwesternhaus Ensemble in Kleinwelka, the group was very warmly welcomed by the Association Schwesternhäuser Kleinwelka e.V. During talks with the Oberbürgermeister of Bautzen, Karsten Vogt, the guests underlined the importance of being one of the 7 Most Endangered Heritage Sites and the potential of that place which is connecting them.



7 Most Endangered Programme

Sister houses Kleinwelka announced as one of the endangered heritage sites in the "7 Most Endangered Programme" by European Commission 

To know more about our efforts please visit.

Click for the coverage by Sachsische Deutschland e-paper
To visit the press release by European Commission, click here
Click to read the article by Franffurter 



 Visit to Haus Schulenburg in Gera


Dr Uwe Koch was invited by Volkmar Vogel, a member of the Bundestag and DNK for many years, to visit

 Haus Schulenburg in Gera. The owner, Dr Volker Kielstein, saved and restored the famous ensemble built

 in 1913/14 by Henry van de Velde, whose restoration started in 1996. The impressive and successfully 

restored ensemble is an important example of private engagement for cultural heritage.


 Click here for more info





Heritage for Young Professionals

 Call to Joint Action

"It is a pleasure to give a platform to young heritage professionals from World Heritage Studies course of 

BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg. These young heritage professionals want to give a contribution for exchange

 and discussions on important heritage questions." 

- Dr Uwe Koch


Click here for more info 

Have a look at the publication


Fachwerkzentrum Quedlinburg 2022

Dr Uwe Koch was invited to be a part of the 20th-anniversary celebration of the Deutsches Fachwerkzentrum Quedlinburg e. V.  The event showcased the damaged state of the building elements and their restoration work, including restoration of the Renaissance's south-western dormer house, Renaissance door and staircase. 


Click here for more information. 


We are actively involved in many local events. 

We constantly strive to participate in meaningful exchanges and host new ideas.

Denkmal Youth Forum, Leipzig

Young Heritage Professionals Forum discussed on the challenges and difficulties faced by young heritage graduates and professionals. 

The panel consisted of young heritage professionals, who took the stage to dig deeper on the issues and debate on possible solutions and appropriate examples to solve them. 




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Europa Nostra Germany in Denkmal, Leipzig, 2022

Event organised by "Europa-Nostra Germany" in cooperation with "Klassik Stiftung Weimar", "Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz" and "Landesdenkmalamt Berlin"

The panel discussed the major challenges of climate change on cultural heritage conservation and monument preservation. Demands for the sustainability of cultural building projects and the restoration of monuments were also some topics on the agenda of discussion. 


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European Cultural Heritage Summit, Prague 2022

We attended the European Cultural Heritage Summit held in Prague, from 25-27th September, 2022. The event was marked by the "Tripartite Declaration and MoM on interregional collaboration in the field of cultural heritage under EN."


As a Europa Nostra representative from Germany, president Uwe Koch signed the agreement with Czech Republic and Poland.


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Future is Heritage Summit, Prague

The Future is Heritage Summit 2022 participants were given stage in Prague Summit 2022 as a part of 'European Year of Youth' celebration. 

The voices of Young Heritage Professionals echoed the needs of young people in the sector.



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Educational visit: Cottbus university group

The Cottbus heritage working group collaborated with Europa Nostra Germany for an educational visit to Jende Posamneten Manufaktur, Forst, Germany. 


On the same day, another excursion to Neuzelle Abbey was organised where the students had a chance to attend inauguration of the Abbey's landscape.

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European Year of Cultural Heritage, Berlin

In the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH), the first European Cultural Heritage Summit was held from 18-24 June, 2018 in Berlin. It brought together numerous citizens and organisations from across Europe.

The "Berlin Call for Action" is  an important output of this event. 


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We are thankful to all our collaborators for trusting our work ethics and working culture.

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